Ep42: Baiju Bhatt

I took a little drive up the PCH to Silicon Valley to visit my buddy Fuzz. Fortunately we were able to track down our old friend Baiju who is co-founder of a great stock trading app called Robinhood. We hung out at Robinhood HQ and talked..

EP41: Julia Robertson

The always fun Julia Robertson talks to me about her life, working in the advertising world as an account planner and her new book, Are You Buying This? We are joined by our mutual friend Brian Creech.

Ep40: Brig White

I got the opportunity to sit and talk with Brig during a visit to his home in Boulder, Colorado. He talks about how he ended up as a commercial director, his thoughts on creativity and why it’s important to have a singular vision.

Ep39: Adam Stokowski

Years ago Adam blew me away doing things I had never seen anyone do on a longboard. He and his cohort Adam Colton began making a name for themselves as Adam Squared by posting skate videos online. Since then, he moved out to CA to work..

Ep38: Alex Scheer-Payne

Alex and I pop the cork on some Prosecco and dig into her life and career path. Once a producer at The Martin Agency, now a Brand Experience Manager at Release The Hounds. Alex talks about following her gut and reinventing herself when necessary.

Ep37: Robert Ramsey

Some friends and I spent the weekend with Robert in Brooklyn. We sat in Prospect Park to hear Robert’s story, what led him to cooking, and eventually his position as Chef Instructor at The Institute of Culinary Education.

Ep36: Rowan Gollan

Rowan joins me from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia! He describes some of his research as an Aerospace Engineer and how he almost became a professional Oboe player.

Ep35: Nik Piscitello Returns

Nik returns to the podcast to talk about life in CA, changing the name of his band to LEVEL AND THE SQUARE, and his new EP, FROM HERE TO THE JAMES. END MUSIC CREDIT: Level and the Square – “Let Me Come Home” off of From Here to..

Ep34: Gene Myers

My dad and I sit on the patio of an Italian villa in Tuscany as I ask about his experiences in early life, playing football for Clemson, flying rescue helicopters in Vietnam, B-52 bombers, photography, and creativity writing.

Ep33: Dave Gibson

Dave is a creative director at the Martin Agency, but before that he was a kid who came up playing in bands and chasing the dream. Ultimately, his band SLOWPOKE would end up on GEFFEN RECORDS. He comes by to chat about his experience, his career path..