AUDIOBLOG 4: Evan’s 30th

Hanging in Philly for Evan White’s 30th birthday, Evan, Matt, David and I tackle some of life’s big issues. What, if anything, does turning 30 mean? What should we do with our bodies when we die? how much does Prostitution cost? None of which are answered here...


Devin Bousquet and I discuss timing as editors and ultimately as human beings. We also drink a little whiskey.


In this episode, Matt and I discuss the effect of popularity on music and movies that we like. Is it wrong to hate something just because a lot of other people do? e.g. That sweet punk band you used to see in dingy basements with..

P.F. Flyers

I remember watching the Sandlot years ago. One of the great things about that movie is every kid could relate to one of the group. Whether you were the dorky “Squints,” the athletic hero Benny “the Jet,” or someone in between, their gang was just..


In an ongoing attempt to widen our reach and provide maximum opportunities for sweet podcast listening, we are now on Stitcher. So if you’re a stickler for some Stitcher, you’re in luck!


I find myself having a really hard time enjoying special moments. I’m too in my own head about it. I can’t decide whether I should be enjoying the moment or cherishing the memories instead. It’s why I don’t take many pictures at events. I am..


I stood at the mailbox in front of my house on a sunny fall afternoon looking at a beautiful tri level with a yard. I saw my wife’s car in the driveway and an antique truck staring back at me. The truck with it’s 70s..

On Starting a Podcast

Among other things, starting this podcast has been an exercise in ignoring self-doubt. It is easy for me to wonder if it’s worth the effort, if anyone will listen, if I have anything to contribute. I have no experience as an interviewer and almost no..