All Grown Up began out of a desire to reconnect to the music I grew up with. Particularly what my friends and I came to know as punk and emo of the late 90s and early 2000s. It was the music that I listened to, the music that I played, the music that I lived.

I wanted to sit down and talk to the people who lived it with me. Talk about their past experiences, what was important to them as they were growing up, and what is important to them now. I quickly realized that the idea would ultimately extend far beyond our own experiences, and music would only be a thread. I wanted to talk to friends and musicians, but as I looked around, I saw many other people whose perspectives I wanted to hear. I saw people who I had known for months or years and had really only had surface conversation with. I realized that when I was forced to sit and talk for an extended amount of time I started to understand who they were, and only then could I really begin to GET them as people. Every minute of it was interesting to me, no matter what the topic.

I truly believe that who we are and what we do is in large part because of the experiences we’ve had. I think we can start to understand each other by setting aside that time, by talking, by listening, by asking the right questions. The goal of this site is to submit conversations and ideas mostly to entertain but also to engage.